An innovative range of custom “push-pull” cylinders to control running and standing rigging, hatches motion, etc.


cylinder with spherical fulcrum

It is an innovative evolution of the standard hydraulic cylinder. It makes use of a special spherical anchoring system to be fitted on the boat’s walls. Easy to install and waterproof, it may solve several dimensional problems. It can be … Continued


hydraulic cylinder with tackle

It is a tackle system operated by a “push-pull” hydraulic cylinder. It has been designed mainly for the management of sheets (mainsail, genoa), but it may also be used for other running rigging (runner). The device is made up by … Continued


hydraulic stay tensioning cylinder with spherical fulcrum

An innovative evolution of the “classical” hydraulic stay tensioning cylinder. It makes use of a special spherical connection on deck which allows for the correct alignment of the stay. Moreover, the system keeps the cylinder body water-tight below deck, thus … Continued


hydraulic outhaul cylinder

Single acting pushing cylinders allowing for the immediate control of the mainsail base. Such system is more efficient and smaller than the classical pulling cylinder to be housed inside the boom with a pulley fitted abaft The cylinder body is … Continued


hydraulic cylinder with mechanical lock

A new line of stay tensioning cylinders supplied with a mechanical lock. They allow for the hydraulic pressure release, while keeping the stay under tension mechanically: fundamental for maximum safety when sailing for long distances. Useful for the control of … Continued