furling system for structural stays

New furling system for structural stays, evolution of the wide known and patented ROLLGEN system.This latest innovation is characterized by a line stowing drum to be used in combination with NO TORSION stays. Light-weight and functional: these characteristics are obtained … Continued


furling system for gennakers

New furling system for Gennakers (sails with free-flying luff). It is the evolution of the well-known patented ROLLGEN system. It is characterized by higher performances in terms of loads and smoothness, and reduced weight by roughly 60%. These features are … Continued


Revolutionary convenience allowing frequent use of spinnaker due to ease of use, hoist at the dock, deploy & furl in minutes, increased safety, precision-machined, one-of-a-kind performance, remarkable quality and design, economic pricing. Also able to convert and then furl code … Continued

Foresail Furlers

Bamar foresail furlers are available in the manual, electric and hydraulic versions. They serve boats from 5 to over 60 m.

Mainsail Furlers

Bamar offers a wide range of mainsail furlers to be fitted externally onto the mast and mechanisms to be housed inside masts with special section for vertical mainsail furler. These systems are available in the manual, electric and hydraulic versions.

Boom Furling Motorization

Line of electric motorizations for in-boom furling systems. Available for sailing yachts with indicative boom length from 5 to 22 m. The innovative device is made up by a reduction gear, an electric motor and its brake, integrated and protected … Continued

Custom Cylinders

An innovative range of custom “push-pull” cylinders to control running and standing rigging, hatches motion, etc.


The Bamar cylinder line is manufactured with high-quality materials suitable for salty environment.  

Hydraulic Panels

single function or multifunction hydraulic panels

Bamar Hydraulic Panel is a hand pump supplied with gauge, release valve and 4-function selector knob (only for multi-function devices), for easy and quick control. Function selection is characterized by a “click into place” knob: an important aspect whenever the … Continued

Backstay Block

s.s. standing wire pulley

Beautiful machining, fantastic price, very high loading specs, the best of its kind, polished stainless steel.


kicker with mechanical spring

Attractive, strong, machined parts, nice mast and boom fittings, competitive pricing.

Captive Winches

Innovative line stowing device for sheets and halyards, with dynamic pull ranging from 1 T to 9 T. This range of BCWE & BCWH Captive Winches is mainly characterized by: BCWH power supplied by electric hydraulic power-pack. BCWE electric supply … Continued

Custom Products

On demand, Bamar may create custom products based either on an original project presented by the client, or on our design, conceived by our own technical department.